Security Paper

Innovation that can’t be copied

This state-of-the-art paper, created with AuthentiGuard® patented technology,
allows you to secure your sensitive printed documents by deterring and prohibiting
photocopying or scanning of the original. As copier, scanner and fax technology
advances, SOHO Business Solutions strives to ensure our paper products continue
to deliver premiere protection from fraud and counterfeiting via these devices.

DeterXTM – Expose Fraudulent Copies of your Documents

High-quality copiers and desktop scanners are everywhere today. In the hands of
casual counterfeiters, these devices make it easy to produce duplicates that are
nearly indistinguishable from the original document. This creates serious risk to
the security of printed information.

When an original document printed on AuthentiGuard® DeterXTM paper is
copied or scanned, the resulting page shows a robust warning message, clearly
indicating that it is a copy. DeterXTM contains the latest generation Authenti-
Guard® void pantograph technology, making it the most effective copy warning
paper on the market today. DeterXTM works on color copiers, B/W copiers and
desktop scanners.

ObscureXTM – Stop Copies and Scans of Your Valuable Documents

With a push of a button on your office copy machine, desktop scanner or fax machine,
your sensitive document may be clearly duplicated in a matter of seconds
and its contents readable by anyone, anywhere. While the market offers many
solutions that will deter, warn against, or offer difficulty in the above action, none
of these will effectively prevent legible copies.

AuthentiGuard® Solution

When an original document printed on AuthentiGuard® ObscureXTM paper is
copied or scanned, the resulting page appears black and illegible. ObscureXTM
prevents copies on desktop scanners, black and white copiers, color copiers and
fax machines.

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